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About Systemic Agility

What is Systemic Agility?

Systemic Agility is an ever evolving collection of practices, underpinned by systemic principles, that facilitators, coaches and change agents can start using right away to transform their teams and organisations to be highly effective and adaptive to change.

There is more value created with overall alignment than with local excellence

Don Reinertsen, The Principles of Product Development Flow

Organisations are social systems that operate at concentric layers. Like the rings of a tree or ripples in a pond, these layers are inextricably interconnected.

Self – To work effectively with any social system requires that we pay attention to how we show up

Other – To work effectively as change agents requires that we are capable of meeting people one-to-one

Team – To work with teams requires specialised team listening, coaching and facilitation skills

Organisation – To work with organisational systems requires enterprise awareness and specialised large group facilitation and leadership coaching skills

Wider Systems – To truly work systemically requires awareness of the environment whether it be social, economic, political, technological, environmental or other macro dynamics

systemic agility

The Founding Values

Courage – speaking and acting from a place of courage and authenticity

Holism – seeing interconnections and interactions within a larger context

Openness – holding an open heart and an open mind 

Playfulness – approaching work experimentally and joyfully 

Depth – willingness to go beyond commonly accepted beliefs

Coaching and facilitation to transform teams and organisations

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