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About Systemic Agility

There is more value created with overall alignment than local excellence

Don Reinertsen, author of The Principles of Product Development Flow

Systemic Agility is a set of tools to create alignment between the parts of an organisation:

  • individuals
  • teams
  • projects and programmes
  • departments and business units

Systemic Agility

  • Reveals those parts of the system that are stuck and where value doesn’t flow to all stakeholders
  • Bridges and creates collaborative partnerships across the enterprise
  • Unleashes the energy of people and brings the whole system alive
  • Continuously optimises the discovery and development of valuable products and services

Systemic Agility interweaves the whole system of interconnected parts of the business. In this way, value flows through the whole system as the culture and behaviour continuously adapt to the business’s changing environment.

Our Values

Courage – Be bold and speak the truth

Holism – Hold a wide lens and an aerial view

Openness – Hold an open heart and an open mind 

Playfulness – Hold an experimental and joyful mindset 

Depth – Explore uncharted territories in people and things

Bring your people, teams and organisation into alignment with Systemic Agility. Let us help.

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