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About Systemic Agility

There is more value created with overall alignment than with local excellence

Don Reinertsen, author of The Principles of Product Development Flow

Agility and systemic alignment are more important than ever in navigating the complexity of a world where change is the only constant.

Systemic Agility is focused on guiding the next generation of Agile Organisations where agility is embedded throughout the whole system with the help of systemic coaching and facilitation at all levels of the organisation.

Systemic Agility looks to catalyse the agility, creativity and resilience of teams and enterprises to meet the needs and demands of our times through education, workshops, trainings and community building.

Founding Values of Systemic Agility

Courage – speaking and acting from a place of courage and authenticity

Holism – holding a wide lens and an aerial view

Openness – holding an open heart and an open mind 

Playfulness – approaching work experimentally and joyfully 

Depth – willingness to explore beyond commonly accepted beliefs

Coaching and facilitation to transform teams and organisations

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