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Consulting & Coaching

  • How can we get our teams to align and work better together?
  • How can we deliver value to our customers and stakeholders more frequently?
  • How can we get our managers and leaders to support us?

If you’ve tried every known agile framework and method; if you’ve installed the latest processes and tools on the market; if you’ve hired the best experts in their respective fields and you’re still not seeing the benefits you expect to see, here’s why…

There is more value created with overall alignment than local excellence

Don Reinertsen, author of The Principles of Product Development Flow

Compared to hiring a big consultancy, you’ll save hundreds of thousands in consultancy fees alone, not to mention millions in business value created and business waste averted, when alignment happens.

We help teams, managers and leaders to work more effectively together, to deliver more value for their organisations and customers, while generating engagement and enjoyment as a priority.

Who we work with

We help to align:

  • product and portfolio groups and teams
  • software teams
  • project and programme management groups
  • senior management teams
  • marketing, HR, finance teams
  • user experience and user research groups
  • customer and product support teams

How we help

We take a whole systems approach, which typically involves some or all of:

  • interviewing individuals and groups to understand their challenges
  • uncovering hidden impediments to the flow of value
  • facilitating visioning, ideation & planning workshops 
  • supporting individuals and teams to communicate and collaborate
  • supporting managers and leaders to support their groups and teams
  • structuring and forming value streams, teams, teams-of-teams, and working groups
  • identifying and adapting roles and responsibilities for maximum clarity and alignment
  • configuring and adapting team and multi-team processes and workflows so that work flows smoothly
  • configuring and adapting team and multi-team meeting structures for maximising alignment
  • facilitating reviews and retrospectives for continuous adaptation and improvement
  • organising and facilitating team development for maximising trust and alignment

Approaches we use

(We) promise not to exclude from consideration any idea based on its source, but to consider ideas across schools and heritages in order to find the ones that best suit the current situation.

Taken from The Oath of Non-Allegiance, Alistair Cockburn (co-author of The Agile Manifesto)

We work with robust yet contextual and adaptable methods, processes, frameworks, and approaches distilled from Lean, Agile, Product Development Flow, Lean Startup, Lean Change Management, and Design Thinking (amongst others).

We work with people and teams using systemic coaching, and a focus on individual and team strengths.

We’re coaches and facilitators at heart, always looking to meet the organisation and its people where they are and to take the next steps forward, sometimes small and sometimes big. We bring empathy, support, and challenge, to inspire people and teams to collaborate and perform better. 

Coaching and facilitation to transform teams and organisations

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