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It has given me a lot of ideas, techniques and tools that I will be trying at work

James Kirk, Lean-Agile Coach and Transformation Specialist, 4Com

Course Overview

Enterprise Agility Foundations is the first of two Enterprise Agility Coaching and Facilitation courses. It is designed specifically to guide you in cultivating the environment and foundations for organisational and business agility. It is the perfect complement to the Coaching Agile Transformations course.

Who is this course intended for?

This course is intended for you if:

  • You’re an agile coach at the enterprise and portfolio level or you aspire to such a role
  • You’re a transformational leader who wants to understand the implications of enterprise agile transformation
  • You have a strong background in change management and/or organisational design and have a curiosity about the conditions for adaptiveness to change at the enterprise level

This course is NOT intended for you if:

  • You don’t want to be safely stretched or challenged
  • You expect the majority of the programme to be about agile scaling frameworks “because enterprise agility = frameworks and frameworks = enterprise agility”
  • You hold tightly to the belief that an “Agile Centre of Excellence” and an “Agile Playbook” are the magical solutions to enterprise agility

Topics covered

In this course you will…

  • learn the importance of moving away from linear thinking and towards thinking in complex adaptive systems
  • build an awareness of organisational interdependence and of systems thinking
  • experience how “systems feeling” and “systems being” are the missing links for solving complex, “wicked problems”
  • learn ways of making business agility and innovation part of the organisational DNA in an age of disruption
  • learn how to adapt and evolve the structures and processes of your organisation or business unit for agility
  • address the controversial topic of enterprise agile frameworks and how we might usefully draw from them
  • consider what and how to measure what really matters in order to adapt more rapidly to emergent change
  • apply the learnings through conducting a company-wide agile transformation case study

 Enterprise Agility + Lean Change Management (July 2021) image

Some Practices You’ll Explore

  • Ecocycle Planning – using the cycles of nature to address the organisational cycles of change
  • Waves of Change – when to swim with or against the currents of change
  • Boundary Spanning Leadership – how to address change across organisational boundaries
  • Applying Pirate Metrics to Change – how to measure what really matters
  • Culture Mapping – a complexity approach to making sense of culture shifts
  • PLUS several practices for evolving organisational structures and processes that enhance agility


This course is dual certified by Lean Change Management (Enterprise Agile Coaching) and ICAgile (ICP-ENT).

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