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Ryan is a fantastic instructor, communicator and listener who is incredibly knowledgeable and reads the room well.

Yvonne Torrent-Lim, VP Transformation & Delivery Excellence at MOI Global

It has given me a lot of ideas, techniques and tools that I will be trying at work

James Kirk, Lean-Agile Coach and Transformation Specialist, 4Com

Course Overview

Sometimes, as change agents, we forget that organisations are social systems. While our brains desperately want change to follow a linear and standardised progression, we know complex organisational change never has, and never will, work that way. 

Enterprise Agility Foundations is designed to help you understand the aspects and lay the foundations for enterprise agility.

Who this course is designed for

Enterprise Agility Foundations is designed for agile coaches at the enterprise and portfolio level, transformational leaders who want to increase their coaching mindset, or anyone aspiring to these roles. It is also relevant for professionals with a strong background in change management and/or organisational design who have a curiosity about agile approaches at the enterprise level.

Topics covered

  • Organisational and Business Complexity and interconnectedness
  • Enhancing Business Agility in an age of disruption
  • Enterprise Agile Coaching in context
  • Organisational Structures and Processes that enhance or hinder agility
  • Enterprise Lean-Agile Frameworks in context
  • Metrics that Matter
  • Case Study: An opportunity to apply the learnings through a company-wide agile transformation

 Enterprise Agility + Lean Change Management (July 2021) image

Tools and Practices You’ll Explore

  • Ecocycle Planning – using the cycles of nature to address planning and change
  • Waves of Change – When to swim with or against the currents of change
  • Exceptional 8 – the eight intangible attributes of an exceptional change agent
  • Applying Pirate Metrics to change
  • Boundary Spanning Leadership and Facilitation
  • Systemic Mapping and Constellations
  • And several more…


This course is dual certified by Lean Change Management (Enterprise Agile Coaching) and ICAgile (ICP-ENT).

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