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Past Participant Feedback

“There is no doubt at any point that Ryan is an expert and has practical experience with the topic he teaches. This combination creates fantastic learnings and relationships.”

–Regine Prade, Operational Excellence Manager and Agile Coach – Roche

Course Overview

The Lean Change Agent course is a feedback-driven approach to change management inspired by the best ideas from Agile, Lean Startup, Change Management and Design Thinking.

This course will help you answer questions like

  • How can we integrate change management to transition to agile ways of working in an agile way?
  • How can we apply agile practices to complex agile transformation programmes?
  • How can we reduce uncertainty by iterating our way through change?
  • How can we reframe resistance to change by changing how we think about change?

Tools and Practices We’ll Explore

  • Perspective and Organisational Mapping
  • Change Canvases, Visual Work Management
  • Applying Agile, Lean Startup and Design Thinking to Change
  • Experiment creation and prioritisation
  • Satir Interaction Model

Topics Covered

  • Introduction: Why are you here? What is the ultimate question you hope to have answered?
  • What is Lean Change Management? And how is it similar, and different, to how you approach change today?
  • Agile Change Management: Overview of the Agile values and principles, and how you can apply that thinking to change management.
  • Alignment: How to use light-weight tools for change readiness, change liftoffs, and ongoing facilitation of change
  • Incremental Change: How to move away from traditional ROI and towards reducing uncertainty by breaking down change into quarterly objectives with tangible key results.
  • Experiments: How to move away from change activities, and towards change experiments. This includes good practices for communication, creating alignment, providing status to change sponsors and more.
  • People: Why the notion of ‘resistance to change’ is wrong, and why the “70% of changes fail” is incorrect. We’ll explore how different people respond to change differently, and how you, the change agent, can navigate that complexity
  • Your Own Change Framework: We’ll take the learnings and discuss what your own change framework could look like.


All active participants will receive the relevant Lean Change Management badge. Furthermore, those opting for ICAgile certification (ICP-CAT) will be required to submit a short assignment and documented evidence of their participation and learning.

 Enterprise Agile Coach (ICP-CAT) + Lean Change Management (November 2021) image

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