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Agile Foundations is a series of workshops designed to help you answer questions like:

  • How can we discover and deliver great products and services that delight customers?
  • How can we be more adaptive, responsive, and resilient?
  • How can we better understand our customers and stakeholders?
  • How can we make sure that everybody is aligned?
  • How can we get feedback as fast as possible? How can we make that feedback even more valuable?
  • How can we improve our productivity?
  • How can we improve collaboration?

Workshop Topics Covered

Agile Fundamentals including Scrum & Kanban

  • The History of Agile
  • The Values and Principles of Agile
  • The Principles of Lean
  • Scrum Roles
  • Scrum Events
  • Scrum Artefacts
  • Kanban in a Nutshell

Product Owner Workshop

  • The Role of the Product Owner
  • Agile Product/Market Discovery
  • Customer and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Team Engagement
  • Agile Product Management with Scrum, Kanban, & Scaled Agile
  • Agile Planning
  • Agile Prioritisation
  • Agile Estimation

Scrum Master Workshop

  • The Role of the Scrum Master
  • Facilitating Scrum Events
  • Supporting Teams in Self Management & Cross-Functionality
  • Improving Flow with Kanban
  • Supporting the Product Owner and Stakeholders
  • Facilitating Agile Planning, Prioritisation and Estimation
  • Growing a Scrum Master Community

Bring your people, teams and organisation into alignment with Systemic Agility. Let us help.

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