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Team Agility Coaching & Facilitation

Radical shifts are happening. Many teams are disillusioned with the promise of “Agile” to transform their ways of working. Hybrid working has added additional challenges.

It’s not that good processes and tools aren’t necessary – they certainly are. But how we facilitate, coach, mentor and teach teams to collaborate effectively both in-person and online makes a vastly greater impact than simply following frameworks and tools.

The StrongSuits® Certified Facilitator Training is a 2-Day training that empowers you to build stronger teams that play to their strengths. The training is designed to address the most pressing questions in team coaching today:

  • How do I build team trust and psychological safety in a fun, accessible way?
  • How do I transform the way team members interact with each other?
  • How do I nurture empathy, compassion and kindness in my team?
  • How do I navigate conflict when it arises?
  • How do I support the team in bringing out the best of everyone’s strengths?

StrongSuits is a powerful strengths-based approach to building stronger teams which uses playing cards and games to get teams having fun and feeling energised while generating high-impact conversations about how people behave and how they can develop.

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Coaching and facilitation to transform teams and organisations

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