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Team Agility Deep Dive

The Systemic Agility Team Deep Dive

A beautiful group of people, a great deal of learning and experimenting – challenging and lots of fun.

LUIS CARVALHO, Delivery Manager at SKY and participant of the Team Agility Deep Dive

I appreciated the experience and coaching style of Ryan.
One of the greatest asset of the course is actually to witness how Ryan has been coaching us during these three days.
I really feel this course gave me ammunition to make a step forward in my awareness as coach. A big thank you! 

Systemic Agility Team Coach participant, Brussels, October 2020 (Feedback provided via ICAgile)

Who is the Team Agility Deep Dive for?

This deep dive is for anybody who wants to dive deeply into the DNA of what makes teams highly effective and how to transform a team from stuckness to agility and flow.

This Team Agility Deep Dive is intended for you if:

  • You’re a Scrum Master or Agile Coach who wants to go beyond processes and tools
  • You’re a team coach, facilitator, team lead or manager who has a curiosity about agile approaches to building self organising teams
  • You want to facilitate highly engaging meetings and workshops that focus, unite and mobilise your teams while fostering self-organisation
  • You want to dive deeply into the principles and meta processes of what actually makes teams work
  • You have a curiosity or interest in the deeper systemic forces driving team behaviour and how to unleash the tremendous power of a team

This Team Agility Deep Dive is NOT intended for you if:

  • You don’t want to be safely stretched or challenged
  • You expect the majority of the programme to be about Scrum “because team agility = Scrum and Scrum = team agility”
  • You hold tightly to the belief that cheatsheets titled “100 team retrospectives” or “100 icebreakers” will magically transform you into a great team facilitator
  • You’re fixed in your belief that you’re not contributing to the problem, ever
  • You believe that team coaching is all about playing gimmicky games that avoid real problems

Topics Covered

Team Agility Facilitation

In this part of the Deep Dive you will..

  • learn how to create a safe container for the team and how to hold space for creativity to flourish.
  • grow an awareness of your own style of facilitation and of other styles, allowing you to facilitate more meaningful and inclusive team dialogues.
  • be provided with the meeting organising tools and techniques to prepare for, set up and facilitate purposeful meetings and workshops, whether online or in-person.
  • learn how to design a meeting and workshop flow from end to end that delivers results for any creative process or retrospective.
  • discover decision-making approaches that break the cycles of groupthink or deadlock.
  • learn pro tips and common pitfalls to facilitating typical “Agile” team meetings such as “standups”, planning meetings, retrospectives and creative brainstorming sessions.
  • explore ways of navigating common sub-optimal meeting behaviours.

Team Agility Coaching & Mentoring

In this part of the Deep Dive you will..

  • practice holding space, listening and inquiring with presence before mentoring transitions to new roles and new ways of working.
  • set the stage for a coaching relationship involving designing of coaching alliances and facilitating team agreements.
  • learn and practice approaches for teaching agile thinking based on the latest neuroscience of how people learn.
  • explore powerful ways to build trust and psychological safetycommunicate effectively, deal with conflict and build connection in the team.
  • discover the dynamics at play within groups and teams, build your observational skills and learn how to articulate your observations in service of the team.
  • look at how you show up as a team coach and facilitator and the effect that has on the team.
  • look at ways that you can guide the team to surface and approach organisational impediments that impact the team.

Some Practices You’ll Explore

  • The importance of expanding your facilitator stance beyond Servant Leadership to adopting the 6 roles and 4 positions of Host Leadership
  • The 12P Facilitator Canvas for preparing and setting up meetings and workshops for maximising engagement and favourable outcomes
  • Video Analysis for building our capacity to observe, focus, unite and mobilise teams
  • The Double Diamond Meeting, a flexible meeting and workshop flow from end to end that ensures favourable outcomes for any creative process or retrospective
  • Dysfunctional Improv, a series of role-playing exercises that teaches us strategies for dealing with sub-optimal meeting behaviours
  • How to break out of The Drama Triangle and how to move yourself and your team to The Winner’s Triangle
  • Team Canvases to create and revisit alliances and team agreements
  • Systemic Constellations to “see the invisible” dynamics at play in groups and teams
  • Perspective Mapping to surface and approach organisational forces outside of the team’s direct control
  • Non-Violent Communication and Clean Feedback for providing compassionate, honest, appreciative and improvement-oriented team feedback
  • Dialogue (with a capital “D”), the art of building shared meaning and interconnectedness in the team
  • PLUS proven methods for building trust and psychological safety, dealing with conflict and building connection in the team

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