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Agility in business strategy, with Patrick Hoverstadt

Patrick Hoverstadt This talk introduces “Patterns of Strategy” – a radically different approach to understanding and formulating business strategy which is built on a different paradigm to conventional strategic approaches.

We’ll take you through some of the theory, the practice and illustrate it with some examples. Patterns is “agile strategy” in two ways – first it is a dramatically faster way of developing strategy which means that you can speed up the cadence of formulation and execution. Second, it describes
a strategy as sets of manoeuvres and gives a totally different way to deal with the dynamics of strategic situations allowing the business to become more agile in its strategic environment.

The statistics on the failure of conventional strategy are shocking at 70%-98% failure rate,. We’ll look at why this is and at some of the ways in which conventional strategy is fundamentally flawed and show how Patterns provides a proven alternative.

About Patrick Hoverstadt
Patrick has worked as a consultant since 1995 with organisations of all sizes and internationally across 24 countries in the private, public and third sectors. He specialises in using systemic approaches, working mainly on strategy, organisational design and organisational change.
Patrick is the author of “Fractal Organisation”, a book on organisation design using the Viable System Model published by Wiley in 2008 which has been used used on seven masters programmes around the world. He is co-author of “Patterns of Strategy” a book on a systemic approach to strategy published by Gower in 2017, co-wrote 7 other books, and is the author of ‘The Grammar of Systems’ – a book on how to think like a systems thinker, published in 2022. He chairs SCiO the professional body for systems practitioners and is a Visiting Research Fellow at Cranfield School of Management.

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