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Change The Perspective On Change with Oana Juncu

Oana Juncu speaking on Changing The Perspective On Change

Organisations are living systems, they grow rather than scale. After having prototyped and implemented Agility at team level, many organisations focus on scaling the experience at enterprise level. While there is an agreement that Agile is an effective approach for complex systems, we tend to paradoxically define Agile scaling models as if organisations were simple predictable systems, manageable by fixed frameworks. In this talk you are invited to discover the “2 loops” transformation model. Defined by the Berkana Institute, the model is inspired by the cycle of life of living organisms and can be applied at enterprise and societal level.
Oana will talk about the main roles spotted in the two loops model and how we all position ourselves in these roles in a continuously changing organisation.
You are the character and the agent of the change you are in. The 2 loops model empowers you in both ways.

Oana Juncu

Oana(she/her) has worked with individuals, teams and organisations since 2007 to implement Agile Business organisations and achieve Agile Leadership. She likes to call herself an Agile Business and Leadership DJ who mixes practices ranging from creative facilitation, Design Thinking and Storytelling to systemic coaching and neuroscience, to help people be proud of their outcomes.

Note: This will be recorded but we will hide people without camera on so there is a way to participate as an observer or silently with questions/comments in the chat. Feel free to bring your questions and your sharing spirit to this conversation.

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