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Doughnut Design for Business: How businesses can engage with Doughnut Economics, with Erinch Sahan

Erinch SahanTo meet the needs of all people within the means of the living planet, Doughnut Economics poses some big challenges for businesses. The business world will need to embrace bold and ambitious solutions that are both regenerative and distributive. To make this possible, a transformation in the deep design of business will be needed: in its purpose and networks, how it is governed and owned and the nature of its relationship with finance. This session will help individual businesses to explore ways they can pursue regenerative and distributive goals, and how to unlock these through a redesign of their purpose, networks, governance, ownership and finance.

Erinch Sahan
Erinch is the business and enterprise lead at Doughnut Economics Action Lab. Previously, he was the chief executive of the World Fair Trade Organization and has spent 7 years at Oxfam working in campaigns and programmes. Erinch has also worked at Procter & Gamble as a market strategy manager, established a furniture business and worked for Australia’s aid programme. Erinch is a board member of the Social Enterprise World Forum, a fellow at the Post Growth Institute and teaches sustainable value chains at Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. He holds degrees in finance and law, and an honorary doctorate from Oxford Brookes University.

Note: This will be a recorded event in speaker view. Only the speaker(s) will be recorded. Feel free to bring your questions and your sharing spirit to this conversation.

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