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Enterprise Agility Foundations

Enterprise Agility Foundations

Course Overview

Sometimes, as change agents, we forget that organisations are social systems. While our brains desperately want change to follow a linear and standardised progression, we know complex organisational change never has, and never will, work that way. 

Enterprise Agility Foundations is designed to help you understand the aspects and lay the foundations for enterprise agility. It is the perfect complement to the Lean-Agile Change Agent course.

In this course, we’ll explore:

  • How organisational systems enhance and hinder agility
  • How to know to what extent to centralise or decentralise change 
  • How to swim with the organisational currents towards positive change, and how to know when to swim against them
  • How understanding diverse culture and leadership styles creates the natural and positive friction that moves transformation forward
  • The continuous dance between communication structures and organisational culture

 Enterprise Agility + Lean Change Management (July 2021) image

Topics covered

  • Organisational and Business Complexity and interconnectedness
  • Applying Lean principles to change
  • Enhancing Business Agility in an age of disruption
  • Organisational Structures that enhance agility
  • Organisational Processes that enhance agility
  • Enterprise Agile Frameworks debate
  • Understanding Organisational Culture
  • Shifting Organisational Culture
  • Metrics that Matter
  • Understanding Leadership Styles
  • Unleashing People and Agility 
  • Case Study: An opportunity to apply the learnings by merging 3 organisations through an agile transformation
  • Lean Coffee: An opportunity to ask any questions to the group.


This course is dual certified. The ICAgile knowledge-based certificate ICP-ENT (Agility in the Enterprise) and the Lean Change Management Agile Voyager certificate are both issued to those who participate in a full course.

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