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You Can’t ‘Scale’ Agility (but here’s what you can try instead) with Jules Yim

Jules Yim speaking on "You Can't Scale Agility (but here's what you can try instead)"

Inherent in the idea of scaling Agility is that you can apply ordered systems approaches to a complex environment. What could be more complex than multiple moving, interacting agents attempting to come together within an organisation to deliver something? The Agile Manifesto tacitly acknowledges that software development is complex, especially seen in the statements “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools” and “customer collaboration over contract negotiation”.

If you feel overwhelmed by the slew of scaling frameworks out there that don’t seem to yield the results you’re looking for, Beck’s statement in Extreme Programming reminds us that we should look for the “simplest thing that could possibly work”. In complexity speak, we define that as optimising granularity – what are the smallest and simplest things that could possibly work, and how do we recombine them? Join us to learn more.

Jules Yim

In this session we welcome the return of Jules Yim.
Jules is a long-time Cynefin Company consultant who has been adjacent to Agile and the startup world since 2011 and is starting to foray into speaking about delightfully practical approaches to managing complexity in human systems. Her interests are diverse and arcane – urban/metropolitan governance at the intersection of policy, linguistics, Historically-Informed Performance of Early Music, anthropology, philosophy, cognitive science, and she revels in interesting conversations with curious fellow humans.

Note: This will be recorded but we will hide people without camera on so there is a way to participate as an observer or silently with questions/comments in the chat. Feel free to bring your questions and your sharing spirit to this conversation.

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