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Jed Gorka: My experience of the Enterprise Agility Deep Dive

It’s been five months since Jed Gorka took the Enterprise Agility Deep Dive with Systemic Agility “and I keep going back to the slides every week to discover something new,” he says.

During the Enterprise Agility Deep Dive he explored adaptive theories and tools from an agile and lean change management perspective. “Having Ryan and Patrick as trainers was refreshing as they provided their own views on the themes we explored during the training”.

After completing the course, he has found himself revisiting the slides and notes on a weekly basis, each time discovering useful concepts that can be applied to his unique context.

The course has significantly enhanced his skills, enabling him to take part in shaping his department’s strategy, improving his facilitation skills through tools like lean coffee, fostering team dynamics, and more – all through simple dialogue and co-creation with the people he works with.

Although he hasn’t resolved his November challenge, he believes he has made significant impact by utilising the principles he learned in the course. He was able to ‘poke’ the system and facilitate reshaping how we approach the system by simply having a ‘systemic’ dialogue with the stakeholders.

I was able to make the invisible more visible through simple dialogue and experimentation. It has been one of the most useful courses I have ever attended.

Jed Gorka

In his opinion, he really benefited from the wide variety of tools that they explored and put into practice in a real-life case study. At the end of the qualification, the group was able to collaboratively work to help one of the participants resolve their challenge.

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