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Scaling Agility Principles over Frameworks, with Colin Bird

Are you attempting to implement Agile at a larger scale? Do you have numerous teams that need to collaborate as a cohesive unit? Are you implementing Agile throughout your organisation? If you are exploring the need for a scaling framework, this presentation offers an alternative perspective. We will explore an evolutionary and principle-led approach, based on a forthcoming body of work. Our discussion will emphasise the importance of starting with principles and considering our current context. We will delve into some essential scaling principles and offer guidance on their effective application, with or without a scaling framework. A group of five Agile coaches has been collaborating on a framework-agnostic approach to scaling since October 2020. The concepts, principles and approach are packaged into a body of work referred to as ScaleAgility, the first version of which is due to be published in the Summer of 2023. The ScaleAgility team: Colin Bird (England), Jan B. Olsen (Denmark), Pierluigi Pugliese (Germany), Matt Roadnight (England), Simon Roberts (Scotland).

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