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Sonja Blignaut: Way of the Wayfinder – habits of mind to navigate complexity

Complexity is inherently unpredictable; therein lies the challenge but also the invitation. Anthropologist, Tim Ingold, describes wayfinding as “not knowing before you go, but knowing as you go”. In a world where competence is often related to “knowing”, it can be very difficult to step into wayfinding, especially as a leader.

In this session we will explore the habits of mind and skills needed to become wayfinders, scaffolded by Sonja’s Waysfinder framework.

About Sonja Blignaut
Sonja is an internationally recognized complexity practitioner, sought-after speaker, teacher, and thinking partner. She is passionate about democratizing complexity by making its wisdom accessible to leaders, teams, and organizations that need to navigate uncertainty.
Sonja consulted for PWC and IBM and then founded More Beyond Pty Ltd. She is also the co-founder of Complexity Fit and the ex-CEO of The Cynefin Co. She has worked with companies like Ikea, Electrolux, Microsoft, Deloitte, Standard Bank, and Rand Merchant Bank.
Sonja lives in South Africa and is an avid photographer and self-professed coffee snob.

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