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The Future of Agile through the Lens of Dialogue, with Susan Taylor and Hidde van der Pol

Considering the future of Agile through the lens of Dialogue suggests a paradigm where deep listening and openness in communication become pivotal. In such a future, Agile teams would not only iterate on products but also on their ways of thinking and interacting, drawing on a set of principles to explore and challenge assumptions, opinions and judgements to create shared understanding with the potential to: – Enhance team dynamics through more thoughtful communication, leading to a more cohesive, aligned group. – Uncover underlying issues to innovate more creative solutions. – Handle complex, adaptive challenges as teams learn to navigate uncertainty with a collective inquiry mindset. – Create more inclusive decision-making by encouraging more voices to be heard. – Foster sustainable practices that are responsive to change by regularly examining the thought processes and mental models that underpin individual and team actions. Join Hidde van der Pol & Susan Taylor in this interactive session to consider the future of Agile—a future where greater introspection and collaboration exists—not just to do work more effectively but to more deeply understand the purpose and meaning that fuels it.

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