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The Life-Changing Joy of Saying No, with Ellen Grove

Too much work on your team’s plate? Feeling pressured to attend a meeting that you don’t see value in? Or maybe you’re finding it hard to resist the lure of taking on a new fun thing…which is adding to that over-sized pile of work already on your plate. There are many reasons we find it hard to say no to others (and even to ourselves sometimes!), but being able to say no with clarity and empathy is a critical professional skill. In this interactive workshop, we’ll explore why it can be so hard to say no clearly and effectively and learn strategies for ways to say no with respect and compassion.

About Ellen Grove
Ellen Grove is a business agility coach, trainer, and organizational change agent with Agile Partnership. based in Ottawa, Canada. Whether working with C-suite leaders or managers or delivery teams, Ellen favours playful approaches for getting people to talk with each other about the things that really matter so that they can do great work together. She organizes Agile events locally and internationally and she presents at conferences around the world. Ellen is one of the cohosts of Agile Alliance’s monthly Game On! meetup. In addition to holding a bunch of Agile certifications, Ellen is an Open Space facilitator, a StrategicPlay® certified facilitator in using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods, an ORSC-trained organizational coach, and a Training from the Back of the Room trainer.

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