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Addressing Today’s Planetary Challenges with BOSSA nova, with Jutta Eckstein

For years people have talked about how we live in so-called VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) times. Nothing has expressed this need better than the pandemic. Almost all plans were outdated by March 2020 at the latest. If you think, the pandemic, and thus, the VUCA times are over, I have bad news for you: Mankind is facing the biggest crisis of all time, because our planet is on fire! Therefore, we all, and this includes companies, have to take responsibility and contribute to greater social, environmental, and economic sustainability. We can take this responsibility by creating a hypothesis on which we act (that is by probing), then sense, and finally respond – with our next hypothesis. So basically, we need to have an experimental and incremental approach, where we learn with every increment or rather experiment and then move on to the next. Sounds familiar? Well, it is because this behaviour is at the core of agility. Thus, in order to deal with this planetary challenge, company-wide agility is required. This means agility in the literal sense, so it is required that a company as a whole is flexible, fast, responsive, adaptive, and nimble. Company-wide agility can succeed through a combination of well-coordinated methods, good collaboration, and by acting from a connected perspective. In this session, Jutta will illustrate BOSSA nova, one approach to company-wide agility that synthesises Beyond Budgeting, Open Space, & Sociocracy, that is fundamental for addressing today’s challenges.

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