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Our Trainers

Ryan Behrman – Founder

With a background as a software developer and senior project manager in multi-national consulting firms, Ryan turned to coaching and facilitation over a decade ago. He has coached, consulted and trained teams, managers and leaders in industries as far afield as retail, supply chain, publishing, government, travel, cloud software, education, investment banking, wealth management, telecommunications, energy and data analytics.

Ryan has trained over a thousand managers, coaches and facilitators in adaptive approaches to management, leadership, coaching and facilitation. In 2014 he ran the first Management 3.0 training in the UK which he continued running dozens of times worldwide for almost a decade. Since 2017 he has co-authored 4 industry-leading courses and programmes, all accredited by ICAgile, in Team Agility Coaching, Team Agility Facilitation, Enterprise Agility Foundations and Coaching Enterprise Agility and Transformation.

Ryan holds an MBA from Warwick Business School where his dissertation compared agile approaches to traditional approaches to management and workflow (“Agile vs Waterfall for Complex E-Commerce Projects”, 2011). He holds over a dozen certifications in coaching and facilitation and is trained in Professional Coaching (Coaching Development UK), Organisational Constellations (The Whole Partnership), Family Constellations (The Centre for Systemic Constellations), Action Learning Sets (Action Learning Centre), Lego Serious Play (Serious Work), Relational Mindfulness and Insight Dialogue (Optimal Living), Bohmian Dialogue (Dialogue Creates) and Systemic Team Coaching (Academy of Executive Coaching). He is the founder of Systemic Agility and the CEO of StrongSuits, the strengths-based approach to building stronger teams and leaders.

Patrick Verdonk

Patrick is a long time Change Agent and Facilitator, Trainer and Consultant. Over the past decades he has been actively involved in multiple reorganisations and mergers, and has trained dozens of managers, coaches and facilitators in agile and people-oriented approaches to change management. He is the co-designer of highly acclaimed industry-certified courses in enterprise agile coaching, and translator of Jason Little’s Lean Change Management book in Spanish.

Patrick is a highly experienced professional and has a proven track record of bringing teams and managers together to communicate, collaborate and adapt to change in large scale programmes and multi-stakeholder environments in industries spanning banking, retail, pharma, software development, gaming, cyber security and others.

Before going solo, Patrick worked for over 20 years as an international (The Netherlands, France, Belgium and Spain) internal consultant and change facilitator in the Telecom sector, working actively on worldwide reorganisations and mergers. He has always believed in a People Approach to change. Through training and facilitation, he helps people and teams understand how to adapt consciously and continuously to reach their aspirations through the application of Lean Change.

He holds an electrical engineering degree from the University of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam, an MBA from the Flanders Business School (part of the KU Leuven in Belgium) and internationally recognised certifications in Change, Agility and Agility in HR.

Patrick is the founder of

Ro Gorell

Ro works with her clients in a high energy and positive way to help them reframe situations and develop more productive strategies.  Working with teams she leverages ego-free coaching to develop the team’s capability to leverage their collective wisdom.

Ro is an experienced change professional, author, and coach who has held senior leadership positions in various companies within the UK and Australia.

She has worked with global organizations like Elsevier and some of Australia’s largest corporations such as BHP, ANZ, and NAB in developing their change capabilities specifically in Agile environments.

She has experience of stakeholder management, team building in hybrid environments, business improvement and mentoring leaders in both large corporate and small business enterprises.  Her change expertise focuses on agile ways of working and Lean Change. She is experienced at helping teams develop strong working practices to deliver improved results and is a Team Coaching Practitioner.

Ro is also an author of multiple books including Coaching Self-organising Teams (2021), 50 Top Tools for Coaching 5th Edition (2021), How to Create a Coaching Culture 2nd Edition (2018), and Group Coaching (2013).


Coaching and facilitation to transform teams and organisations

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